Monday, January 31, 2011

The Best Way To End January

I woke up this morning having a feeling that this day would be a GV-Day, although I'm expecting the whole week, and next few ones, to be hell-ish. (Which reminds me... Oh, crap.)

I once read an inspirational book that says something like, "Wake up every morning, face the mirror and tell yourself, 'This is going to be a great day!' And surely, your day's going to be.

As I'm expecting it, our batch's SPCOM 183 (Audio-Visual Communication) Short Film Fest turned out to be the best film showing I've ever been to, given that the actors in the films were my batch mates. Whether the films' genre be drama, horror, romantic comedy, comedy parody or action hero, they all sold like Hollywood Box-Office movies. OrCom 2012 is indeed made up of students with brilliant sense of humor and creative ideas. As I quote Maine Francisco, "Lahat ata ng genre naging comedy." Oh dear, it was my first Major LOL Moment of the Year!

Unexpectedly, the day has more to offer. My birthday's extended! College Best Friends gave me fluffeeeh balloons and a chocolate cake! Oh men, I really didn't expect this. Like I told you guys earlier, "I love you girlsss, with or without cake and balloons."

Thank you, dear God! This is a great starter and week-energizer! 

Meet The Babessss (L-R): Mara, ME, Bea, Zen

Sunday, January 30, 2011

19 and Counting

Approximately five minutes before the first day of my 19th year is over, here I am writing an entry for my official blogging site. This is my random, spur-of-the-moment birthday gift to myself. I'll keep this short because tomorrow's Monday, again.

Since school works kept me in front of my computer these past few days, I failed to experience the sunshine and  cool breeze in Tagaytay on this big day. Nevertheless, my mom tried her best to compensate for my unfulfilled birthday wish (but, yeah, it's on me, anyway), so she bought pizza and cooked spaghetti! Yum. 

I'm a FULL, HAPPY kid. With or without a birthday gift, I am very much thankful to God above for the 19 years that I had. Isang taon na lang, dalawang dekada naaaa!