Sunday, March 20, 2011

Go Ahead, Make Memories

An anonymous person asked me this question in my Formspring account:

Has this semester been loaded with things? 
What kind of things?

I thought about it for a while, and thought that, of course, STRESS would be the first thing on the list. However, I know that there were greater things which made this semester really fully loaded. More than the academic requirements and org stuff which bombarded us this semester, what counts more are the memories made in between those requirements and stress. 

First, there were my group mates in OrCom 183 or Audio-Visual Communication. These people were ever-efficient, reliable and bibo. This group has future directors, script writers, videographers, editors and producer in it. 

Kudos to us, team! Last requirement na! Let's give our BEST SHOT!

In this photo (L-R): Me, Mara, Jessie, Bart, Pat, Abby

Meet (L-R) Marc, Josh, Me, Jama, Luigi, Glazy and again, Bart.
Then, we have our Public Relations class every Saturday. Part of its requirements were planning and executing Public Relations Campaigns, and of course, reporting. Our PR campaign for our degree program, Organizational Communication, in Manila Science High School was the most remarkable of them all. It was a chance for us all not to only brag about OrCom, but convince the junior high school students that communication courses shouldn't be belittled. Communication isn't just art, but also science. Team mates, truly, our persuasive skills are exceptional!

The slate's VPs (hopefully, abstain won't win)!
Ceejae, Pat, Me!
March, these past few weeks especially, marks the peak of this intensified semester. First, there was the OrComSoc elections. The slate had to make collaterals for the campaign, so we had our photo shoot last week. The candidates were interviewed and were asked to submit their General Plan of Action. I can guarantee, without bias, that the candidates deserve to be part of OrComSoc's Executive Committee next school year 2011-2012. *Cross-fingers*
Paulit-ulit man, I love you, (L-R) Ria, Luigi, Rz & Neil!
This semester, UP Adhere gave me and fellow members the chance to handle an online viral PR campaign for Unilab's Quality Choice Challenge. After all the stress, video shootings, meetings and extensive planning, the campaign turned out very well! I am a happy kid! And I am sure that UP Manila enjoyed the photo booth and freebies as well!

More than passing requirements, acing exams and meeting deadlines, Junior Year is all about loving the people you are with: your BATCH MATES. It is all about getting to know the people who were once strangers to you, sharing moments and making memories with them. This Friday, I went home and told myself, "Nako Erica, mami-miss mo ang college." HELL YEAH.

LET'S GO JUNIORS! This is our last hurrah before the SENIOR YEAR! 

Ay, may summer internship pa pala. :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


March 7, 2011

Mark that date. I took this photo while sipping my Black Gulaman from Chowking. I shot the picture because the scenery looked perfect. Never had I thought that it was meant to say something about what’s going to happen to me today: crossroads, decisions.
This day presented to me lots of opportunities and decisions to make. The cards were all laid out; all I got to do was make a quality choice. Damn, it was so hard! 
Unexpectedly, God answered my prayer today. I got a company for my summer internship, and oh! I am so thankful that it was a Public Relations firm! Ever since the day HR Manager X told me that, based on my resume, I am more fit for a public relations work, I had one eye closed for advertising companies. Nevertheless, all these things worked out for His plan. :) 
Even with all our doubts and fears, God never cease to be faithful to us. So if you are having a blurry sight of the future, hold on! God knows where He’s leading you.
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