Thursday, February 10, 2011

Slowly But Surely

I'm in a Dora-the-Explorer-mode today, minus the purple shirt, orange shorts and back pack. Instead, I wore doll shoes, skirt, and soft blouse. Yes, it's DORA in the CITY episode today!

It's all part of growing up, right? Having to do some business and going to a place you've never been to - without your parents nor friends. Oh yeah, I smell Independence lingering somewhere. Why all this talk of growing up suddenly? 

Well, I had my first summer internship interview today! After lots of walk-ins and online resume submissions, something finally worked out! The company's giving its interns a real BIG break, letting them handle a real client account. Oh dear, I love to work on that project this summer!  To make it clear, I'm not yet "in" that company. But yes, God knows best: when, where, how and why. 

Afterwards, I went to Trinoma. It's a little bit of an achievement for me. My team mates and I were supposed to have a meeting there about U, but it was getting late, so I had to go home. Why's this an achievement? First, it's in Quezon City. Second, I've never been there. Third, I went there alone. Lastly, my mom, who usually fetches me when I go home late, didn't. Yep, that's an achievement for me, and for her

You know, parents have to learn to let go of their children, right? 

Although I got a little disappointed for not having to participate properly in the meeting, my brother made up for it! This is what I saw upon opening my dresser:

Now, POST-ITs can never get boring.
Oh yeah. Meet the Best brother in the world!

So much for today. Tomorrow's another surprise-filled one!

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