Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zombies & Eye Bags

The horrific moment when your friends tag ugly-version-of-you pictures in Facebook

I'm working like a zombie for a few days now. Yes, if you come across the blogs and Facebook profiles of OrCom Juniors lately, most of us have ranting statuses. Something that goes like, "TOXIC FEBRUARY." Or "It's so stressful I'm gonna dieeeeee!

Oh yeah. My pictures tell it so.

Not-so-good pictures are meant to be in thumbnails.
See the dark eye bags? NOOOOO.

We were given a lot of PR (Public Relations) and AV (Audio-Visual) projects lately. Although these two fields are really meant for OCs (Obsessive-Compulsive people), who pay much attention to details, they are still the best examples that tell how productive combining work and play can be. THIS IS FUN, ya'all! 

For now, I got to slice cucumbers and put them on top of my eyes while I lie on my bed. Have a good sleep, friends! 


  1. HAHAHA even if they're thumbnails, if you actually click it, it will enlarge :))